Ofgem opens investigation into Iresa’s customer service

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Ofgem has launched an investigation into Iresa’s customer service processes.

The investigation will examine whether Iresa broke rules relating to customer information and customer contact. This includes examining whether they treated customers fairly in their call handling and complaints processes, gave indebted customers sufficient notice that they were taking a debt repayment out of their account, or established with these customers their ability to pay the debt. This also includes examining whether they enabled customers to switch suppliers on request, in line with our rules, or refunded customers’ money in a prompt and timely way.

The opening of this investigation does not imply that we have made any findings about non-compliance by Iresa.

Notes to editors

1. For more information on the licence conditions we are examining see our investigation into Iresa and its compliance with obligations under the following licence conditions:

  • Standards of Conduct, to treat customers fairly, SLC 0 (or SLC 25C until October 2017)
  • Customer Transfer Blocking, SLC 14
  • Notification of increase in Charges for the Supply of Electricity and /or Gas and other unilateral variations, SLC 23.3 and 23.4
  • Customers in payment difficulty, including ability to pay, SLC 27.5-27.8
  • Provision of information (in relation to credit balances), SLC 27.16
  • Consumer Complaints Handling Standards 2008

2. Concerns were raised with Ofgem relating to a high level of complaints against Iresa, including through Citizens Advice and Ofgem’s consumer affairs teams. 

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