Industry standards and practices for commissioning equipment used in the production of biomethane: a call for evidence

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Non-Domestic RHI


Ofgem is responsible for administering the RHI schemes on behalf of the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is responsible for developing RHI policy including setting tariffs, establishing the legislative framework and introducing amendments to the RHI schemes. This call for evidence has been published in Ofgem’s role as the administrator of the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

 This call for evidence does not arise from any proposal to change the definition of “commissioned” as set out in the legislation which provides for the RHI schemes. Ofgem is not aware of any ongoing work to change that definition.

 The aim of this call for evidence is to ensure our administrative approach for assessing whether plant are commissioned is as well informed, consistent and robust. Ofgem will continue to assess eligibility of biomethane producers on a case by case basis, including making determinations of whether the definition of “commissioned” has been met.

 This call for evidence invites your views on the industry standards and practices that are currently used for commissioning equipment used in the production of biomethane for injection under the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. The background to this call for evidence, and a description of the points to consider when responding, is set out in the document.

 Please respond to us by 16 December 2019.

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James Woods-Segura