Extending competition in electricity transmission: tender models and market offering

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This document represents the next step to introduce competitive tendering to onshore electricity transmission.

The focus of this consultation is the process we plan to use to select competitively appointed transmission owners (CATOs) under the late CATO build tender model, and how we propose to regulate them. It focuses mainly on developing arrangements for any projects tendered during RIIO-T1, although it also touches on aspects of our longer term policy for how late CATO build might apply to RIIO-T2.

This document is aimed at parties interested in the competitive regime, including potential bidders, investors, incumbent network operators, interested consumer groups, as well as other relevant stakeholders.

Alongside our consultation we publish a report from our technical consultants DNV-GL on the operational performance incentives for CATOs.

This consultation has closed and was not progressed further.

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