ECO3 Social housing E, F and G declaration and landlord permission


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Under the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO), suppliers can deliver measures to social housing premises where they have an EPC energy efficiency rating of E, F or G.

The ECO3 Order requires the social landlord of a premises to confirm in writing that the premises meet the various requirements under this provision.  

This document allows the social landlord to confirm the following:

  • the EPC rating reflects the current characteristics of the premises.
  • the premises are generally being let at below market rate.
  • where a heating system is installed, at no point prior was there a central heating system OR an electric storage heater that is not broken down or has a responsiveness of greater than 0.2 when assessed against SAP present in the premises.

In addition, as agreed by the ECO reporting working group, this template will also contain the landlord permission declaration for any social housing properties listed on the template and the social landlord officer should ensure any necessary permission for an ECO measure has been obtained.

The signatory must review the available evidence and records relating to the premises prior to signing this declaration.

Energy companies may use their own version of these templates, however, any template for these purposes must contain the information included in this document as a minimum.

Amendments - 15 February 2019 (Version 3.1)

This document was republished to clarify the landlord permission statement and create more space to input data.

Amendments - 09 July 2021 (Version 3.2)
This document was republished to reflect changes to the ECO Order regarding FTCH.