ECO3 District heating pre-conditions (insulation): technical report template


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For premises in a multi-storey building (not including the top floor of the multi-storey building) that are connected to a district heating system (DHS) under HHCRO Social E, F, or G, insulation pre-condition 2 must be met. 

This technical report template can be used to evidence instances where there are technical reasons why a cavity cannot be filled. In such instances, this report along with valid technical reasons for not insulating the cavity will satisfy pre-condition 2 for the premises it relates to. This report can also be used to evidence that walls are of solid wall construction. The report must be completed by an appropriately qualified chartered surveyor or structural engineer.

Further information on the ECO3 pre-condition 2 requirements can be found in Chapter 4 of our ECO3 Guidance: Delivery document.