Draft Electricity (Competitive Tenders for Offshore Transmission Licences) Regulations 2015 for consultation

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Offshore Transmission Network

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Electricity Offshore Transmission Licence

We consulted on the changes to be implemented through the draft Electricity (Competitive Tenders for Offshore Transmission Licences) Regulations 2015 (the “Regulations”) that will provide the legislative framework for future offshore transmission tender exercises. The cover letter provides an overview of the key changes we intend to make to the current Regulations and our reasons for doing this.  There are two broad areas of changes:

  • Changes to enable the policy positions and additional flexibility set out in our December 2014 publication ‘OFTO build: Providing additional flexibility through an extended framework’.
  • Minor amendments to aspects of the tender process to help achieve greater clarity for participants, enable greater efficiencies and ensure the Regulations align with other relevant legislation.

Annex 1 provides a copy of the draft Regulations. Annex 2 provides a copy of the draft 2015 Regulations with all the proposed changes marked up against the 2013 Regulations to assist stakeholders in reviewing these changes. The explanatory notes at the end of the draft Regulations set out the overall content of the Regulations and how they fit together.

This consultation closed on 12 May 2015. We received three responses to the consultation, all of which were non-confidential, and are provided below.

This consultation has closed and was not progressed further.

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Elizabeth Cooper

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