Consultation on changes to ‘Annex 4 - Policy cost allowance methodology’ of SLC 28AD to include a Green Gas Levy allowance in the default tariff cap

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This consultation sets out our proposal to amend the default tariff cap for gas customers to provide an additional allowance for the Green Gas Levy, which will fund the Green Gas Support Scheme. It also outlines our proposed changes to the model set out in ‘Annex 4 - Policy cost allowance methodology’ to standard licence condition (SLC) 28AD of the gas supply licence. We would like views from stakeholders with an interest in the level of the default tariff cap. We particularly welcome responses from domestic energy suppliers, consumer groups and the public.

If you wish to respond to this consultation, please send your views to by 9 November 2021.

Update 04/02/2022: We have now published responses to this consultation below on this page.

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