Call for Evidence: Households not connected to the electricity distribution network

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From recent engagement with stakeholders, we understand that there may be a small number of households across Great Britain without access to the electricity distribution network. As a result, we want to get a better understanding of this issue in order to establish what we can do about it, both in the short-term and also in the development of policy for RIIO-ED2. We are not currently aware of a comprehensive dataset and therefore we are issuing this Call for Evidence (CfE) to gather the information we need. We would like to know what information stakeholders hold on the number of households not connected to the electricity distribution network, the socio-economic characteristics and geographical distribution of such households, their proximity to the grid and whether those that are living without a connection are in vulnerable circumstances or at risk of vulnerability.

The call for evidence closed on 2 December 2019. We are currently reviewing the responses and will publish an update shortly.