Boiler Upgrade Scheme: Product Eligibility List


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  • BUS

The Ofgem BUS Product Eligibility List (PEL) is an administrative tool that we are implementing to make it easier to identify eligible products but also streamline the online application process. The installer is still responsible for satisfying themselves the product they are installing meets the scheme requirements.

The PEL contains products that meet the requirements of the scheme regulations and the relevant standards for BUS. This is a subset of the MCS product eligibility list and uses the HETAS database of emissions certificates to identify eligible biomass boilers and is non-exhaustive. Where a specific biomass boiler is not on the PEL and the installer is satisfied that the product meets the scheme air quality requirements, an emissions certificate meeting the scheme requirements for that product will need to be provided as evidence when submitting the voucher redemption application.

The Secretary of State is responsible for publishing and updating the approved standards for BUS. Where standards have been updated, the relevant standards at the time of commissioning will be used to assess eligibility.