Version 3.0 of the Network Innovation Competition governance documents

Publication date
30th June 2017
Information types
Policy areas

This notice explains our decision on proposed changes to the Gas and Electricity Network Innovation Competition (NIC) Governance Documents to implement our Network Innovation Review policy decision. This notice is issued under a number of licence conditions. These are:

  • Special Condition 2F of the Gas Transporters Licence for National Grid Transmission
  • Special Condition 1I of the Gas Transporters Licence for Distribution Network Operators
  • Special Condition 2 Gas Transporters Licence for independent gas transporters
  • Special Condition 3I of the Electricity Transmission Licence
  • Charge Restriction Condition 5A of the Electricity Distribution Licence

Amended Standard Condition E12-J11 of the Offshore Electricity Transmission Licence.


Please note that on 10 July 2017, we replaced the document published on 30 June 2017 to correct a typo in the definition of NIC Licence Condition.