UK Regulated Infrastructure - An Investor Guide

Publication date
11th December 2014
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For over 25 years regulated utilities in the UK have attracted investment from around the world to build and maintain our essential infrastructure and ensure provision of vital services. The role of independent economic regulation, designed to protect the interests of consumers whilst providing a clear regulatory framework for investment, is key to that success.

There is a significant pipeline for future investment in UK infrastructure creating major opportunities for private investment. This concise Investor Guide to UK Regulated Infrastructure aims to help potential and existing investors understand the nature of the assets and activities involved, how the market and regulatory regimes are set up and how they function in practice, based on underlying economic principles, market observations and their track record to date.

This guide is intended to provide an easily accessible, high-level overview of regulated utilities' infrastructure in the UK, the key characteristics common across sectors, and the main elements of associated economic regulation, as applied by sector regulators, that are of interest to investors.

This guide is produced jointly by CAA, Ofgem, ORR, Ofcom, Ofwat, Utility Regulator working together through the UK Regulators Network (UKRN), and KPMG a leading provider of professional services.