UK National Gas Ltd: Final Order

Jan 2020
Mar 2020

On 10 January 2020, the Authority published its notice of proposal to issue a Final Order (FO) on UK National Gas Ltd (“UK National Gas”) in accordance with Section 29 (1) and (2) of the Gas Act 1986. 

The particular behaviour of concern giving rise to the proposal to make a Final Order is that UK National Gas failed to become a DCC User by the deadline of 25 November 2017. By failing to be a DCC User in accordance with the licence condition, their existing customers with smart meters would suffer harm because they would not have smart meter functionality. There would also be harm to customers who would lose their smart functionality upon switching to UK National Gas. 

The Smart Energy Code Administrator and Secretariat (SECAS) notified the Authority that UK National Gas had completed the Smart Energy Code (SEC) provisions for the DCC User Entry Process as of 28 January 2020.Therefore, on 3 March 2020, the Authority made a decision not to make a FO.