Safeguard tariff (Warm Home Discount) – reporting template

Publication date
28th March 2018
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Ofgem has decided to modify the standard conditions of the electricity and gas supply licences by inserting new standard condition 28AA to regulate charges for domestic customers who receive the Warm Home Discount (WHD). The modification took effect on 2 February 2018.

Under SLC 28AA.10, suppliers must provide us with a report which demonstrates the compliance of each tariff that they offer to a Relevant 28AA Customer to whom the condition applies. Suppliers must provide this five working days after the start of each charge restriction period.

We have published below a statement setting the date after which suppliers have five working days to submit compliance reports for future charge restriction periods.  We will continue to update the published reporting template to the relevant charge restriction period and name it accordingly. This is similar to the reporting template for the Safeguard tariff (prepayment) - reporting template and FAQ (SLC 28A).

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