RIIO Accounts: Consultation on our proposed framework

Publication date
4th November 2015
Closing date
17th December 2015
Policy areas

We have published a second consultation, which is a follow up on our open letter consultation published on 24 June 2015.

This is a second consultation on our proposal to require the network licensees that are subject to RIIO price controls to produce specialised RIIO Accounts instead of Regulatory Accounts. RIIO Accounts will provide a better view of price control performance and so be of particular benefit to the investor community. We have reflected responses to our initial consultation and included an updated timetable and a draft licence condition. We also explain how we will work with stakeholders to develop the Regulatory Financial Reporting Standard (RFRS) and RIIO Accounts Support Module (RASM) that will be used in the preparation of RIIO Accounts. We would welcome feedback on our updated proposals in this consultation which is open for six weeks closing on the 17 December 2015.

Your feedback is important and will inform the next phase of this project. An editable version of the feedback questionnaire in Appendix 5 is attached on this page, please use this in giving feedback.