Response following the open letter on the introduction of the ‘Replacement Product Declaration Form'

Publication date
25th January 2021
Information type
Policy area

Our open letter, dated 30 August 2019, Ofgem's proposed introduction of the Replacement Product Declaration Form on the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, outlined our interpretation and proposed operational approach when the renewable heat generating components(s) of an accredited heating system are replaced on the Domestic RHI. We proposed that the new Replacement Product Declaration Form is used, in order to help us determine the compliance of the heating system following such a replacement.

To ensure that the operational process is efficient and effective, it has been tested through a pilot project and has undergone extensive internal review following the receipt of the open letter responses.

This decision document summarises the feedback we have received on the open letter, sets out our revised operational approach and introduces the declaration form we will use.