Request for information – RIIO financial performance

Publication date
2nd October 2018
Information types
Policy areas

Following on from our August 2018 open letter setting out our alternative approach to RIIO Accounts, we have now developed Regulatory Financial Performance Reporting (RFPR) guidance and templates together with the network operators (NWOs). This will allow NWOs to submit to us their RIIO financial performance for the regulatory year 2017-18.

We said in our open letter that for the remainder of RIIO-1, we consider it appropriate for NWOs to report more targeted and detailed financial information on their RIIO performance.  This approach should see an improvement in financial reporting from what is currently available and make the NWOs’ financial performance more accessible and comparable. Based on the submitted RFPRs, we will distil the key additional information into our RIIO annual reports and, where appropriate, publish parts of the NWOs’ RFPR submissions.