Prepayment meter price cap – reporting template and FAQ

Publication date
7th February 2019
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On 1 April 2017, the amount of money suppliers can charge a domestic prepayment meter (PPM) customer per unit of energy became subject to a price cap. The cap was brought into effect by the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) Energy Market Investigation (Prepayment Charge Restriction) Order 2016, available on the CMA’s website.

Under SLC 28A, suppliers must provide us with a report no more than five working days after the start of each Charge Restriction Period which demonstrates the compliance of each prepayment tariff that they offer. The required content of the report is specified in standard licence condition 28A.29; we have published the latest version of the reporting template that suppliers are asked to use to submit this information below (last updated September 2018).

In addition, we have published a short document addressing some of the queries we have received regarding the cap since the initial levels of the benchmark maximum charges were published on our website (last updated February 2019). This document includes worked examples showing how a supplier can ensure that their prepayment tariffs are compliant with the cap.

Any questions on either of these documents should be sent to