Large Onshore Transmission Investments (LOTI) Reopener Guidance

Publication date
26th January 2021
Closing date
23rd February 2021
Policy area

Alongside our RIIO-2 formal Licence Drafting Consultation, we are also consulting on proposed drafts of a number of Associated Documents. These are documents created under the licence conditions that supplement those conditions and are subordinate to them.

We would like your views on our draft of the LOTI Reopener Guidance document. The proposed draft sets out the submission requirements, timings and assessment considerations for applications under the RIIO-2 LOTI Reopener mechanism and will take effect from 1 April 2021.

This document is a working draft and the content is in line with our Final Determinations. We will ensure that all comments received will be appropriately reflected within the final version.

We welcome responses on any aspect of our proposed draft of the LOTI Reopener Guidance document and your views on whether anything else should be included in the documents.


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