Information on appeals by British Gas and Northern Powergrid on RIIO-ED1 price control decision

Publication date
4th March 2015
Information type
Policy area
Northern Powergrid’s two DNOs and British Gas have sought permission from the CMA to appeal against elements of our RIIO-ED1 slow-track settlement. This appeal will not apply to Western Power Distribution, which was fast-tracked. RIIO-ED1 has not been suspended, and will start as normal on 1 April 2015. 
Our priority is to protect consumers’ interests. We have put in place a robust set of proposals, RIIO-ED1, which will reduce electricity distribution costs for energy customers while improving network reliability. We stand by our decision and will work with CMA as it considers the two appeals. These appeals come from opposing directions, with one believing our decision was too tough and the other saying we could have been tougher. We believe our decision delivers the right balance between cost for consumers and investment for a reliable network.