Independent suppliers: Enduring information request - Retail Market Review

Publication date
2nd March 2015
Information types
Policy areas

As part of our retail market review monitoring, in June 2014 we requested suppliers to regularly report information relating to customer numbers and switching activity.

This is mainly aimed at those suppliers with at least 100,000 customers in the domestic gas or electricity market segments and non-domestic suppliers with a market share of at least 1% in the non-domestic gas or electricity market segments. Nonetheless, we would also welcome voluntary submissions from smaller suppliers. Responding to the request is voluntary.

The information submitted by suppliers is key to supporting our enhanced retail market monitoring framework. By submitting it, suppliers can ensure that their situation is adequately reflected into our ongoing market monitoring and engagement. This also allows us to issue robust and effective regulation that is grounded on market evidence that is as comprehensive as possible.

Information to submit

The following table indicates the main items requested and when the information needs to be reported by:

Report number

Report name and main contents
(note that each report is broken down by customer category: domestic, small and large non-domestic, when not specified otherwise)

Reporting period

Reporting lag (from end of previous reporting period)


General electricity retail market monitoring

  • Number of customers, gains and losses (domestic MPAN broken down by meter type and domestic customer accounts broken down by payment method and region)
  • Details of the switching process, such as registration requests, rejections, objections, erroneous transfers etc.

Calendar month

8 weeks

General gas retail market monitoring

(same content as electricity retail, see above, but referred to MPRNs)

Calendar month

8 weeks

General dual fuel retail market monitoring 

  • Number of customers, gains and losses (only domestic customer accounts broken down by payment method and region)

Calendar month

8 weeks

Internal switching report (domestic only)

Number of changes to customers' accounts with the same, broken down by several categories (eg tariff change, method of payment change, etc.)

Calendar month 8 weeks

Switching delays report

  • Number of delayed switches (>21 days) by valid and invalid reasons (SLC 14A)
  • Length of delays for invalid reasons
Calendar quarter 4 weeks

Final bill delays report (domestic only) 

  • Number of final bills sent after transfer with delay (> 6 weeks, according to SLC 27.17)
  • Length of delays
  • Average time for sending final bills
Calendar quarter 4 weeks

How to submit information

If you are not yet submitting this information, please:

1. Contact us for the relevant documents and information by emailing: or

2. Complete the Excel worksheet template that will be provided by us to deliver these reports. The worksheet contains detailed guidance and an explanation of all data required.

3. Send the completed templates to