Help design the digital services for future low carbon heat schemes

Publication date
14th September 2020
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Policy areas

In April this year, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published a consultation on Future support for low carbon heat. This consultation included proposals for two new schemes to incentivise the cost effective installation of low carbon heat technologies and the generation of renewable heat: the and a .

We have been named as the intended administrator for the schemes and we are currently conducting user research to capture insights to help us design a user friendly digital service for the schemes. It will help us to identify our users, their needs and to obtain feedback and recommendations on how we might provide an excellent user experience for the proposed services.

We are inviting participants to assist in research by means of interviews, workshops, questionnaires and surveys. If you would be interested in participating, please email us at We welcome participation from anyone with a vested interest in the new schemes, including:

  • Home-owners and housing organisations which have heat pumps or biomass boilers installed on their property.
  • Anyone that has previously engaged with Ofgem digital services.
  • Home-owners looking to have renewable energy technology installed on their property.
  • Small to medium enterprises (including hotels, housing developers, farms etc.)
  • Large organisations (including retailers, universities, NHS trusts etc.)
  • Agencies, consultancies and charities which provide guidance and information on renewable energy.
  • Renewable energy trade associations.
  • Biomethane, heat pump and biomass boiler installers.
  • Suppliers of biomethane, heat pump and biomass technology.
  • Existing and future generators of biomethane.

These research sessions will focus on the design of the digital services. As the scheme policy and rules will be set by BEIS, any comments or questions on these should be directed to them.

We welcome any learnings and feedback from organisations or individuals who have experience of Ofgem’s current schemes or of their implementation. Your input will help to ensure that the services meet the needs of CHG and GGSS participants in the years to come.