Energy Best Deal Centre for sustainable Energy evaluation report 2013

Publication date
15th January 2014
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The Energy Best Deal programme seeks to inform domestic energy consumers about how they could reduce their energy costs: by changing tariff, payment method and/or supplier, taking up energy efficiency measures and by providing debt advice. Run by Citizens Advice in England and Wales and Citizens Advice Scotland in Scotland, the programme offers domestic energy consumers and frontline workers (both paid workers and volunteers) the opportunity to attend an information session on getting a better deal on their energy bills.

The evaluation of the 2012‐2013 campaign was carried out using paper questionnaires completed immediately following the session, and follow‐up telephone interviews carried out an average of two months after the session. A total of 5,672 questionnaires and 302 telephone interviews were completed. The ongoing effect of the 2011/2012 programme was also investigated, using a smaller sample of 50 interviews with people who attended Energy Best Deal sessions in 2011/2012.