Electricity Distribution – Modification of the special licence conditions of the electricity distribution licence and the ED1 Price Control Financial Model

Publication date
7th August 2020
Closing date
7th August 2020
Policy area

In July, we consulted on our proposals to modify the Special Conditions (also known as the Charge Restriction Conditions) of the RIIO-ED1 Licence and the ED1 Price Control Financial Model.

These modifications were to make a number of minor changes that we believed should be made to the Special Conditions of the Licence. The changes were required to improve the clarity of the conditions of the Licence, by correcting evident mistakes including typographical errors, incorrect cross-references and formatting errors. A small number of changes were proposed to reflect a change in circumstances from what was anticipated at the start of the price control, one of which required a modification to the ED1 Price Control Financial Model in order for this to impact allowed revenue in the November 2020 AIP.

We received four responses to the Notice, which are published alongside this Direction.

The changes set out in this direction will take effect from 3 October 2020.