ECO3 consultation decision

Publication date
26th September 2018
Information types
Policy areas

On 23 July 2018, we published a consultation seeking stakeholder views on our proposed administration of specific aspects of the new ECO3 scheme. Our consultation closed on 20 August 2018 and we received 49 responses from a variety of stakeholders, including energy suppliers, managing agents, installers and charities with an interest in fuel poverty.

Document overview

The document below is our consultation response which sets out our final position. In the response document, we summarise stakeholder views, present the points raised and respond to that feedback. We then outline the outcome of the consultation and, where relevant, how we have changed our approach.

Next steps

The draft ECO3 Order is currently working its way through parliament. As such, the proposed changes will take effect when the ECO3 Order commences.

We are currently in the process of updating our guidance and associated documents for ECO3. We plan to publish the guidance as a draft for comment basis and will update on the timing of this soon. It is our intention that stakeholders may apply these policies and use the updated documents from 1 October onwards. However, as noted above, the ECO3 Order is still in draft form, and as such, any delivery is at stakeholders’ own risk.