ECO2 consultation on Technical and Score Monitoring

Publication date
13th September 2016
Closing date
11th October 2016
Policy areas

This consultation proposes changes to the way that Technical and Score Monitoring is conducted on energy efficiency measures delivered under the Energy Company Obligation scheme. 

The monitoring process is one of the ways we are reassured that the measures installed are of sufficient quality and that the associated carbon and cost saving scores are accurate.  The proposed changes would come into effect from April 2017, subject to the decisions made by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in response to the recent ECO: Help to Heat consultation.  

This consultation considers changes we would like to make to our existing monitoring process to:

  • simplify some aspects of the ‘pathways to compliance’ process
  • update a number of Technical Monitoring questions based on our experience in ECO2
  • indicate how we would alter Score Monitoring to accommodate deemed scores in the event that BEIS decides to implement this system.

We are consulting on these changes because we want to give stakeholders the opportunity to comment on our proposals. We want to draw from a wide range of stakeholder experiences and views based on how the process was applied in ECO2 to ensure that both the process and the monitoring questions remain fit for purpose.

Update 15 September 2016

Please note that on 15 September 2016 we published an updated version of our consultation document to correct the labels for the Technical Monitoring pathway subsets: pathway A and pathway B. The document now stipulates that failure rates of above 25% will trigger pathway A and failure rates above 10% and up to and including 25% will trigger pathway B. This is also reflected in the proposed additional assurances for each pathway subset. These amendments do not introduce any changes to our proposed policy

Next steps

The consultation is open from 13 September 2016 to 11 October 2016. Complete your response using our template and send it to or provide a written response to:

Frank Hemmes

Energy Efficiency and Social Programmes

Ofgem, 107 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 2BA

We will aim to publish our decision, including a summary of responses in late October 2016. Unless marked confidential, all responses will be published on our website.