ECO Reporting Working Group: file naming convention

Publication date
19th January 2016
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This page provides details of the file naming convention developed by the ECO Reporting Working Group in order to simplify the reporting process for members of the supply chain.

This document outlines the format that energy companies have requested that supporting evidence should be in when sending it to them. This should make it quicker and easier for the supply chain to send information to the relevant energy company.

All energy companies can accept documentation saved in this format. Installers should contact the relevant energy company if they would prefer to use an alternative format.

The document published here has been produced by the working group and it is the responsibility of the working group to maintain and update it. This document is not based on Ofgem requirements nor has it been approved by Ofgem, therefore, we are unable to give assurance that the information recorded in the document is correct.

Update 26 January 2017

The file naming convention has been updated by the ECO Reporting Working Group to provide codes for documents/pieces of evidence that had previously not been included in this convention. 

The document below is owned by the ECO Reporting Working Group and is not Ofgem guidance