Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) DCP312 – Standardisation of the Reporting of HH Portfolio Billing Data by EDNOs

Publication date
17th July 2018
Last updated
2nd November 2018
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Policy area
Rules area
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DCP312 is seeking to ensure a consistent approach to the formatting of Half Hourly (HH) Portfolio billing data by Embedded Distribution Network Operators (EDNOs)  for reporting purposes under Schedule 19 of DCUSA.

The proposer has indicated that Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and EDNOs currently experience administration issues with EDNO Portfolio Billing, as there is no consistency in the format of credit/rebilling reportinge. These administrative issues are growing due to the increasing number of EDNOs entering the market. DCP312 proposes standardising the reporting format, by amending Schedule 19 to clarify requirements and including an excel template.

DCP312 follows a previous proposal which sought to introduce a similar change, DCP281. That proposal was subject to industry ‘self governance’ and did not achieve majority support by DCUSA parties for it to be implemented. The difference between DCP312 and DCP281 is how the multiple Metering Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) associated with an invoice would be reported and the associated costs.