Directions under Parts A and D of CRC 4C (Price control update provisions for WPD) of WMID’s, EMID’s, SWALES’s and SWEST’s electricity distribution licences

Publication date
4th March 2015
Information type
Policy area

In May 2014 we amended the special conditions (Charge Restriction Conditions) of the electricity distribution licences held by the four licensees owned by Western Power Distribution plc (WPD) for RIIO-ED1. We recognised that there were specific items that might need to be updated before the start of the price control. We therefore created CRC 4C Price control update provisions for WPD to allow specified updates to WPD’s licence.

We are now directing changes to WPD’s Price Control Financial Handbook and Price Control Financial Model under CRC 4C. We are updating stipulated values and aligning the common content of the ED1 Price Control Financial Handbook to that of the slow-track licensees.