Direction that SLC 13C of the Distribution Licence ceases to exist for addressed Licensees

Publication date
4th April 2016
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Policy areas

Standard licence condition (SLC) 13C of the Distribution Licence set out restrictions on the recovery of Reinforcement Costs arising in respect of Relevant Customers, and the Licensee’s ability to recover these Reinforcement Costs from Relevant Customers.

Part C of SLC13C provides that Ofgem may issue a direction so that the condition ceases to have effect, once we are satisfied that the Licensee’s Connection Charging Methodology has been modified accordingly.

In March 2015 we approved a modification to the Common Connection Charging Methodology (CCCM) contained in Schedule 22 of the Distribution Connection Use of System Agreement (DCUSA). The modification effects the requirements of SLC13C in DCUSA version 7.2 (effective from 01 April 2015). The CCCM is part of a Distribution Service Provider’s approved Connection Charging Methodology.

This Direction therefore turns off SLC13C for the addressed Licensees (all Distribution Network Operators).

For the avoidance of doubt please note that SLC13C will continue to have effect for all other Distribution Licensees (e.g. Independent Distribution Network Operators) until directed otherwise.