Decision on the Statutory consultation on amendments to the Capacity Market Rules

Publication date
7th July 2015
Information type
Policy area

This letter sets out our decisions on changes to the Capacity Market Rules (the “Rules”) pursuant to Regulation 77 of the Electricity Capacity Regulations 2014.

Our decisions take into account the 20 responses we received to our statutory consultation on amending the Rules. With the exception of one confidential response, we are publishing these responses alongside the consultation document.

We are publishing an amended version of the Rules to show the changes made as a result of our decisions and a consolidated version of the Rules for information. Both versions incorporate all amendments previously made by the Department of Energy & Climate Change. Our Rules changes come into effect from 1 July 2015.

Section 41(9) of the Energy Act 2013 requires that our amended Rules are presented before Parliament and published. That version is also attached to this page.