Decision to request an amendment to the IU TSO’s proposal for the long-term capacity calculation methodology

Publication date
22nd July 2019
Information type
Policy area

On 23 January 2019, we received a proposal from the Ireland-United Kingdom (IU) Transmission System Operators for the Long Term (LT) Capacity Calculation Methodology (CCM) for the forward market timeframe in accordance with Article 10 of the guideline on Forward Capacity Allocation (the FCA Regulation). The objective of the methodology is to propose a common and coordinated approach within the IU Capacity Calculation Region to promote effective and optimal calculation of long-term cross-zonal capacity.

This letter sets out our decision, in line with the IU Regulatory Authority Agreement reached by the relevant Regulatory Authorities, to request an amendment to the LT CCM. The letter concludes with an outline of the necessary next steps.