Decision on a Mid-Period Review for RIIO-ED1

Publication date
30th April 2018
Information type
Policy area

The RIIO-ED1 price control provides for a Mid-Period Review (MPR) of output requirements. In December 2017, we consulted on the potential scope of a MPR. 

Responses to the consultation agreed with our initial analysis that the issues we identified within the current scope of MPR either have an uncertain impact on the RIIO-ED1 outputs, or result in changes that can be managed through other mechansisms within the price control. We note that Western Power Distribution recently decided to voluntarily return £77m associated with the UK Government’s cancellation of rail electrification schemes in their licence areas. This decision, the consultation responses, and our detailed Impact Assessment results show that maintaining the scope of MPR as originally defined is in the best interests of current and future consumers. 

As a result, we do not intend to launch an MPR for RIIO-ED1; this document sets out our decision and rationale.