Decision and Direction on Extension of ER P2/6 Derogation (SLC 24 of the Electricity Distribution Licence) where Group Demand is less than 60MW

Publication date
27th March 2015
Information type
Policy area

In July 2010, after consultation, we extended the previous derogation relieving electricity distribution licensees of their obligation to comply with Engineering Recommendation P2/6 Table 1 in respect of those parts of the distribution system where the Group Demand was less than 60 MW and when specific conditions set out in the initial direction were satisfied.

The derogation extension was effective until 31 March 2015.  Early in 2015 the industry began a wider review of the P2 Engineering Recommendation. The issue of smaller demand groups and how to deal with security arrangements will be included in that review. Electricity North West (ENW) therefore requested that the derogation be extended to allow for this P2 review to be concluded. We decided to extend the derogation to 31 March 2018.