Coronavirus (COVID-19): Links to key guidelines and industry-led commitments

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11th May 2020
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On 11 May, as part of its COVID-19 response roadmap, the Government announced new rules people must follow to help control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). It includes updated social distancing guidance.

Here we have listed links to the guidelines issued by the Government, alongside current industry-led commitments. 

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation. Our priority is to protect consumers, especially vulnerable people, while ensuring reliable and secure supplies of gas and electricity to homes and businesses.

The Government is leading the response and we will do all we can to support their efforts to ensure that energy consumers and those working in the sector are protected as best they can be. We expect companies to prioritise customer and staff safety.

Key (critical) workers

Energy is an essential service at all times. The utilities sector is identified as critical for the continuation of essential public services. People in the sector are an important part of the national response to the coronavirus crisis – in keeping our energy infrastructure running, you make it possible for us to heat and light our homes, for businesses to function and for the NHS to care for the sick.

GOV.UK outlines provisions for critical workers and guidelines for employers and businesses to follow.

For Scotland, see GOV.SCOT provision for key workers and guidelines for employers and businesses.

For Wales, see GOV.WALES provision for key (critical) workers and guidelines for employers and business.

Employers and staff must follow official guidelines on going to work, social distancing and protecting clinically extremely vulnerable people (shielding) as outlined below.

If you aren’t sure if your role is critical, ask your employer. They will confirm this in line with their business continuity arrangements for running an essential public service. 

Key links

Official public health and social distancing guidelines, including coronavirus testing

Industry commitments and further guidance

The Energy Networks Association has published network company information on customer and staff safety commitments.

The Heat Networks Industry Council has published a new consumer protection agreement setting out commitments from heat network companies.

The Construction Leadership Council has published more detailed guidance on how to follow government social distancing guidelines when carrying out construction work and site operating procedures. It is strongly recommended that these procedures are implemented by every operational construction site. If an activity cannot be undertaken safely due to a lack of suitably qualified personnel, or social distancing being implemented, it should not take place. Additional useful information for firms can be found on BuildUK's website. SCOT.GOV issued construction specific guidelines on 6 April.

Citizens Advice has published a risks and best practice guide for suppliers on supporting customers affected by COVID-19.

Under the current government advice on smart meter installation, most suppliers have decided to carry out only emergency metering work. We expect suppliers to monitor government guidance and adapt their approach as circumstances change.

Help with health and safety concerns

Information on the Health & Safety Executive's response to the coronavirus, and actions it will take to improve control of workplace risks, are listed on the HSE.GOV website

If you have a concern about your work environment, you can report it to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).


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