Consultation on Simplification Plan 2017-18

Publication date
18th January 2017
Closing date
15th February 2017
Policy areas

We have a statutory duty to keep our activities under review and to publish an annual statement setting out what we have done and what we intend to do to reduce or remove regulatory requirements that have become burdensome. This statement is our Simplification Plan. We interpret our duty widely, to include ideas for how we might improve our effectiveness or make our processes more efficient. This letter opens the public consultation, to gather proposals for Simplification Plan 2017-18.

Our initiatives to reduce burdens and make our processes more effective support the delivery of the five consumer outcomes that are set out in our Corporate Strategy. We also ensure that these initiatives complement our Forward Work Programme.

We would like your views on what we could do to simplify, clarify and improve the working of our regulations. We will consider your suggestions in light of the principles of good regulation to make sure that our initiatives are proportionate, accountable, consistent, transparent, and targeted.

The consultation closes on Wednesday 15 February.