Consultation on the draft RIIO-ED1 Environment Report Guidance Document

Publication date
28th January 2015
Closing date
25th February 2015
Policy area

For RIIO-ED1, SLC 47 (Environment Reporting) of the Electricity Distribution Licence requires Distribution Network Operators (DNO) to publish an Environment Report. This consultation sets out the Environment Report Guidance Document, which outlines the proposed content of the Environment Report and is intended to guide DNOs in drafting their report each year. We are particularly interested in responses that consider the following questions:

  1. Is the Guidance clear? Is the Guidance comprehensive, covering all relevant environment matters? If not, what specific information have we missed and should it be compulsory or discretionary?
  2. Does the content of the Environment Report, as outlined in the Guidance, adhere to good practice for environment reporting? If not, what would improve the content of the Report?
  3. We have allowed for cross-referencing to other published data in the Environment Report to minimise duplication of effort and ensure consistency. Much of the information to be included in the Environment Report will be collected in the RIGs. Do you agree with this approach?

The closing date for this consultation is 25 February 2015.

This consultation is closed.