Consultation on Changes to SECV and SEI Guidance Documents

Publication date
5th November 2018
Closing date
3rd December 2018
Policy areas

The Stakeholder Engagement Incentive (SEI) applies to the Gas Distribution Network operators (GDNs) and Transmission Owners (TOs) and was introduced in the regulatory year 2013-14. The Stakeholder and Consumer Vulnerability Incentive (SECV) applies to the electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and was introduced in the regulatory year 2015-16.

We issued guidance documents which set out the scope of the incentives, as well as the application and assessment processes for each of the sectors. This consultation sets out, and seeks views on, our proposed changes to those guidance documents. We propose that the revised SEI and SECV guidance documents will take effect from April 2019, in time for the 2018-19 assessment in summer 2019.

Responses should be sent to by 3 December 2018. Unless clearly marked as confidential, responses will be published on our website.