Consultation on the assessment of benefits from the roll-out of proven innovations through the Innovation Roll-out Mechanism

Publication date
7th January 2015
Closing date
4th March 2015
Policy areas

The Authority is currently considering how to assess the applications we expect to receive next year under the Innovation Roll-out Mechanism (IRM). Licensees will need to demonstrate that the roll-out of a proven innovation will deliver financial as well as low carbon and/or other environmental benefits for it to be eligible for funding.

In response to this letter we would like transmission and distribution licensees and other interested parties, to consider how licensees should quantify, with a high degree of certainty, the benefits of rolling out a proven innovation under the IRM.

Consultation decision

Letter setting out our decision on guidance we will issue to licensees intending to make submissions to the Innovation Roll-out Mechanism. The guidance we issue will in large part be based on guidance used for completing cost benefit analysis for the RIIO-ED1 price control.