Completion of the Xoserve funding, governance and ownership (FGO) implementation phase

Publication date
31st March 2017
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Policy areas

In October 2013, we published a decision to change Xoserve’s funding and governance arrangements in response to concerns at the arrangements were not fit for purpose and did not provide the required responsiveness and flexibility for future gas industry changes. In September 2015 the gas industry agreed a programme plan to implement these changes to the funding and governance structure of Xoserve. 

This letter is to inform the industry that the implementation phase of the Xoserve FGO programme is now complete and the new governance and funding arrangements will apply from 1 April 2017. We believe that these changes will drive the right outcomes for customers of Xoserve and will ultimately benefit gas consumers.

The Annex to this letter provides more detail on what has been delivered to implement the new arrangements.