Code modification/modification proposals with Ofgem for decision - indicative timetable

Publication date
11th March 2020
Information type
Policy area

This table gives the indicative decision dates, and names of Ofgem experts, for code modification/amendment proposals that are with Ofgem for decision. The dates are indicative and are subject to change. The table will be updated periodically.

  1. The dates set out in the final two columns of this document (indicative date for publication of IA and indicative date for decision) reflect Ofgem’s expectation as at the date this document is published. These dates, and Ofgem’s expectations in relation to them, may change (for example due to developments in respect of the particular modification proposal or due to other calls on Ofgem resources). Any changes in Ofgem’s expectations will be reflected in updated versions of this table which will be published on our website from time to time.
  2. Please note that where used ‘Q’ relates to the quarter of the reporting/financial year rather than the calendar year.