Authority decision to approve the Network Access Policy (NAP)

Publication date
24th June 2015
Information type
Policy area

Effective coordination, cooperation and communication between onshore transmission owners (TOs) and the GB system operator (SO) is fundamental to the energy system delivering for its customers including providing long-term value for money. The NAP should contribute to effective coordination, cooperation and communication. It includes what can be expected in terms of TO long-term planning, managing changes to that plan and how the TO will work with the SO in managing unplanned network outages.

The Authority has approved the Network Access Policy for Scotland, applicable to both the SP Transmission and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc electricity transmission licence; and has approved the NAP for England and Wales, applicable to National Grid Electricity Transmission's electricity transmission licence. As licence conditions still envisage that the NAP is updated every two years, we expect that continued progress can still be made in developing the principles that the NAP sets out, including incorporating the issues identified in the consultation responses and set out in this letter.

Update 15 September 2015

Please note that we previously uploaded the incorrect version of the Network Access Policy for Scotland. The correct version can now be found via the link below. We apologise for any inconvenience.