Air quality update and top tips for applicants

Publication date
17th January 2014
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If you are applying for the Non-Domestic RHI with a biomass boiler (including CHP) you will need to provide a RHI emission certificate or valid environmental permit for your installation to meet the new air quality requirements.

Check whether your certificate is RHI-compliant by comparing it against our RHI emissions certificate, or ask your installer, or the manufacturer of your boiler, to confirm all the necessary information has been provided for RHI compliance. If you have submitted a Non-Domestic RHI application between the 24th September and 13th Dec 2013, read how to progress your application in light of the new air quality requirements.

Top tips for making sure your Emission certificate is eligible

  1. Make sure your emissions certificate is eligible. The relevant question number from the emission certificate is listed in brackets after each tip
  2. You can only use fuels that are listed on your emissions certificate. Please check that the fuel you intend to burn is listed on the certificate. (Question 3b)
  3. The emission results for PM and NOx must be based on the same test so there should only be one date entered for the date the plant was tested and this should be a specific date , not just a month or year.  Please note that "date of testing" refers to the emissions testing only (for PM and NOx), not the full range of other tests that may be performed on the plant. (Question 2f)
  4. An emission certificate can apply to several boilers if they are in the same ‘type testing range’
  5. If the tests were not carried out on the same boiler model as yours please check that your boiler model is listed in the type testing range. It is the responsibility of the testing laboratory to decide which boilers the results can apply to. (Question 2g)
  6. If no maximum moisture content is listed we will need to take the moisture content of the fuel tested as the maximum allowable fuel moisture content that you can use whilst accredited on the RHI. Your testing lab may obtain the maximum moisture content permissible from the ranges specified in EN 303-5 based on the fuel type(s) tested (Question 3d)
  7. Any changes to the certificate need to be made by a certified test house. If amendments are requested to your certificate you should obtain a new certificate from the test house with a new certificate reference number.