Public reports and data: FIT

Public reports and data: FIT

We regularly publish a range of reports on the Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) scheme and its associated activity.

Feed-in Tariffs annual report

The FIT annual report provides an overview of the scheme activity and costs during a FIT scheme year.

Feed-in Tariffs deployment caps report

This details uptake and progress against each deployment cap, and also show when a cap is reached.

Feed-in Tariffs installation report

This provides a breakdown of accredited installations under the scheme up until the last quarter.

Feed-in Tariffs levelisation report

This details the total quarterly payments made by FIT licensees to accredited generators.

Feed-in Tariffs quarterly report

This provides an update on scheme activity over the last quarter. It includes information on the number of installations and installed capacity under the scheme, in addition to the levelisation process.

Feed-in Tariffs quarterly statistics

For an interactive overview of data on the FIT scheme, view our FIT quarterly statistics page.

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