Licences, industry codes and standards

Under the Gas Act 1986 and the Electricity Act 1989 certain activities concerning gas and electricity may only be carried out with a licence (or under a relevant exemption or exception).

One of our responsibilities at Ofgem is to determine the content of gas and electricity licences, and to grant licences to successful applicants. We assess applications for licences in accordance with our published criteria.

Licences contain conditions that licence holders must comply with, including conditions in relation to becoming a party to, and complying with, industry codes and standards. Industry codes and standards establish rules that govern market operation and the terms for connection and access to energy networks.

Each industry code has its own Code Administrator and respective website. Code Administrators are able to provide information on the codes they are responsible for and assist in understanding the arrangements to become a party to a code (if appropriate). 

Licensees are also required to comply with a number of technical codes and standards relating to transmission and distribution networks.

Industry Codes and Licensing Team

For queries and requests for further information, please contact our Industry Codes and Licensing Team at

Search for licences - electronic public register

If you want to see the terms of an organisation’s licence, or whether a company has a licence, search on our electronic public register.

If you want to view the Gas and Electricity Market Authority's decisions on licensing matters, browse our licences, codes and standards publications library.

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This research presents findings on how organisations interact with code administrators and how those organisations view their interactions with the code administrators.