Revoking a licence

If we have granted a licence, there may be circumstances in which we would revoke the licence. The conditions whereby a licence may be revoked are included in the terms of the licences that we grant. In addition, a current list of revocation conditions for each type of licence is available at the bottom of this page.

Copies of licences may be obtained from the Ofgem Library at: or on our Electronic Public Register.

Requests to have a licence revoked

A licensee that is no longer using and therefore does not want to retain its licence may apply to the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (the Authority) to have its licence revoked.

Such requests must be made in writing (by post or email) on company letterhead and signed by a duly authorised person, and marked for the attention of our Industry Codes and Licensing Team.

Written requests for a licence to be revoked should include the following:

  • full details of the licence to be revoked including licence holder and licence type
  • full details of continuity of supply arrangements (supply licences only – see below)
  • confirmation that the licensee is aware that the revocation is irreversible.

Providing the Authority agrees that the licence should be revoked, we will issue to the licensee a Notice of Revocation. This notice gives the licensee 30 days notice that the licence will be revoked.

Licence revocations are irreversible and should you still need a licence you would have to re-apply for a new one.

Securing continuity of supply

A gas or electricity supply licensee applying to revoke a licence must provide details of arrangements for securing continuity of supply for all relevant customers. Where there are no customers, the licensee should provide written confirmation to that effect.

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