How to apply for a Licence Lite direction


Before you start

If you want to supply electricity through the public network you must be licensed. 

Licences make sure you operate in the electricity market in ways which support wholesale market trading, system balancing, retail competition and consumer protection.

Find out more about applying for a licence


Know what to apply for

If you're already a licensed electricity supplier 

You only need to apply for a Licence Lite (SLC 11.3) direction.

If you’re not a licensed electricity supplier

You need to apply for both an electricity supply licence and a Licence Lite (SLC 11.3) direction.

If you're already a licensed supplier, send your direction application to

If you're not already a licensed supplier, submit both applications to

Alternatively, post hard copies to: 


10 South Colonnade

Canary Wharf

E14 4PU



Check your documents

To apply for Licence Lite (SLC 11.3) direction you will need to submit supporting information to show that your application meets our requirements. 

This includes your administrative details, a supplier services agreement and details of industry interaction arrangements, accompanied by a cross-referenced index.

You can find full details of what you'll need to submit in our Licence Lite guidance.


Know the costs

There is no fee to apply for a Licence Lite (SLC 11.3) direction. If you don’t have a licence to supply electricity, the application fee for a standard supply licence will apply.

You can find the forms and guidance to apply for an electricity supply licence in our section on licence applications.

How we’ll process your application

Once received, we will review your application for completeness.

If any information is missing or if we need further information we will tell you and request that you supply the missing material. If you don't supply it, your application will be cancelled.

How long will it take?

We aim to reach a decision on whether to grant a direction within 60 days of confirming that your application is complete. 

If the information provided meets the requirements in our guidance, we will issue a direction and publish it in our section on Licence Lite directions

If we propose to refuse a direction application, we will write to you and will explain why.