Retail Energy Code (REC)

The Retail Energy Code (REC) is a dual fuel code designated on 1 February 2019. Version 1.0 of the REC sets out the transitional requirements on suppliers, Distribution Network Operators and Gas Transporters, to play their part in the design, build and test of the new systems and processes for faster, more reliable switching. Holders of these licences are required to accede to the REC, as a condition of their licences.

Around the time of go-live of the Switching Programme, the REC will be expanded to hold the governance, operational processes and requirements to underpin the new switching arrangements. We also intend to move the remaining retail code provisions from the MRA and SPAA to the REC, with non-retail related provisions moving to other appropriate codes, allowing these codes to be closed down.

Further information on the REC can be found at