European market

Britain’s natural gas reserves are decreasing and Britain’s dependence on imported gas is growing.

This means that  it is becoming increasingly important to ensure our interconnectors can provide dependable supplies of gas into Britain. Currently there are three connections between Britain and the EU. These are:

  • BBL (Balgzand Bacton Interconnector from Bacton in Norfolk to the Netherlands)
  • Interconnector UK (from Bacton in Norfolk to Belgium)
  • The Irish Interconnectors (from Moffat in Scotland to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man).

In addition to diminishing GB gas supplies, there has been an increasing liberalisation of the internal European gas market through EU legislation collectively called the Third Package.

As a result of the Third Package and other changes in legislation new principles and rules for access to pipeline capacity have needed to be developed and implemented alongside the design of market-based gas balancing regimes and mechanisms to facilitate efficient investment in new infrastructure.

We contribute to these developments in a number of ways including:

  • through involvement in ACER’s (Agency for the Cooperation for Energy Regulators) Gas Regional Initiatives
  • by supporting the development of European Framework Guidelines and Network Codes
  • by contributing to drafting voluntary guidelines of Good Practice within CEER (Council of European Regulators)
  • by ensuring that arrangements in Britain and on our interconnectors are compliant with European legislation and facilitate market integration.

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Publications and updates

  • Published: 3rd Oct 2011
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This letter is to approve the capacity statement submitted by Moyle Interconnector Limited to Ofgem.

  • Published: 2nd Aug 2011
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On 1 September 2011 we will host a half-day workshop on CEER's draft vision for a European Gas Target Model. The workshop will allow for stakeholders to express their views.

  • Published: 7th Mar 2011
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Ofgem has commissioned LECG to produce this paper as input to the work on a 'target model' for European gas markets currently undertaken within ERGEG.

  • Published: 21st Feb 2011
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This letter draws attention to EirGrid's consultation on its access rules for the East-West Interconnector. The letter also explains the process the Authority intends to follow in its consideration and approval of the East-West access rules.

  • Published: 11th Jan 2011
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The plenary session presentation of Ofgem European Strategy team's GB stakeholder event on European developments, 10th January 2011.

  • Published: 15th Oct 2010
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
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Plenary session presentation from the GB stakeholder event on European developments, 13 October 2010.

  • Published: 3rd Sep 2010
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We held a one day workshop on 13 October, aimed at those colleagues not regularly involved in European work.

  • Published: 29th Jul 2010
  • Closed: 23rd Sep 2010
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We seek views on requirement under the European Third Package of energy legislation for Great Britain's gas and electricity transmission networks to unbundle.