Transmission networks

Our priority is to protect consumers’ interests, which we do through the promotion of effectively functioning markets and networks.

We do this by removing barriers, for example by ensuring there is greater transparency of information to all parties including customers.

When necessary, we use our powers to monitor and address any behaviour or practices which may have an adverse effect on the way that markets and networks function.

The Gas Transmission Networks section contains information on the following areas of our work:

Publications and updates

  • Published: 31st Mar 2009
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NGG has an obligation under its Gas Transporter Licence to maintain a Network Model that may be used to facilitate duties under Section 9 of the Gas Act. This letter gives approval to the proposals for the Network Model submitted by NGG.

  • Published: 29th Sep 2008
  • Open letters and correspondence
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Approval of NGG’s Transmission Planning Code 2008

  • Published: 28th May 2004
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This decision document outlines the views received from respondents on the options outlined in the April RIA, and presents GEMAs conclusions.