Independent Gas Transporters

Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) develop, operate and maintain local gas transportation networks/

IGT networks are directly connected to the Gas Distribution Network (GDN) via a Connected System Entry Point or indirectly to the GDN via another IGT. Although domestic, industrial and commercial premises are connected to IGT networks, new housing and commercial developments form the largest share of the IGT market.  It is estimated that the number of consumers connected to IGT networks is around one million.

There are nine IGTs that are currently operating networks:

We regulate the amounts that IGTs can charge their customers for using their networks via a ‘Relative Price Control’ (RPC). This requires IGT charges to be capped for all new customers at a level broadly consistent with the GDN equivalent charge. For those sites that pre-date RPC (legacy sites), IGTs will continue to charge under the legacy arrangements until they migrate into RPC.

More information on Independent Gas transporters can be found on the website of the Association of Independent Gas Transporters.

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See the Guaranteed and Overall Standards for Independent Gas Transporters - A Consultation Document.

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